Solution of fixing system error for Xerox 75 series
Model: Xerox 7535/7545/7556 series

Problem Description: the screen shows "fixing system error";

Failure analysis:

When there are "fixing system errors", there are usually the following situations:

First, the motor is out of order.

Two, motor drive plate failure.

Three, MCU circuit board failure.

Four, fixing device failure (310-330).

Five, external voltage fault.

Terms of settlement:

First, check whether the voltage of the fuser matches the current voltage. 220V machines do not need transformers, 110V machines must use transformers, in addition, when the external voltage instability, will also show "fixing system failure";

Secondly, it is necessary to remove the fixer and rotate the gears on both sides of the fixer to determine whether the gear is damaged. If there is any damage, it is necessary to replace or clean the gear and add gear oil. The load is normal.

If it is not damaged, it may be caused by the high rotational resistance of the fixing film. It is necessary to remove the fixing film for overall cleaning. Pay attention to cleaning and gently handle. It is recommended to use eyeglasses and other fabrics for cleaning.

Finally, the fixer is an important part of the machine. It is recommended to be carried out under the guidance of professionals.
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